As a member of merchandise committee for Will Rice college, I designed this Tarot Card inspired crewneck. 
I had a lot of fun incorporating iconic Will Rice elements into the tarot cards, including our Phoenix and owl mascots in "The Moon" card, our Magister Sandy Parsons in "The Empress" card, and our bike and chug team members in "The Sun" card. 

WRC Tarot Card Crewneck: Front Graphic Design

WRC Tarot Card Crewneck: Back Graphic Design

Seeing the crewnecks sold and worn around campus felt incredibly rewarding and almost unreal! 
Will Rice College took some photos of me wearing the crewneck as promotional material for our college's merchandise committee. 

WRC Tarot Card Crewneck Modeled: Front 

WRC Tarot Card Crewneck Modeled: Back

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