I depict unique conversations and stories through a collage of various mediums, spilling out from a comic form into animations and paintings to reach a greater scope of understanding. 
These conversation fragments compelling in their fleeting and seemingly ordinary nature yet have deeply impacted me and altered my world view in some way. 
While I had originally hoped to bring attention and understanding to these singular voices from singular backgrounds, I found that the further I probed, the more my subjects eluded me. My art emphasizes the distance that lies between a glimpse of another’s perspective and true understanding of that individual; in attempting to breach the gap, this discrepancy is instead highlighted. 

How can we best understand another person’s unique emotional experience and background? How far does this ability extend?


"Michael Brainstorm"


"Diego Brainstorm"


"Lillian Brainstorm"

"Adam and Oanh"

"Adam and Oanh Brainstorm"

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