"Fifty Sandwiches" is a story originally told by my mom about her experience as a Vietnamese immigrant selling Banh Mis in Port Arthur, Texas. 
I depicted the story through a collage of comics, animations with music, and and recreated artifacts (menus, receipts) in order to communicate the complex and visceral emotions experienced by my mother. 
The gallery installation of "Fifty Sandwiches" displayed elements of the story on a wall with the narrative alternating between pages and videos. Left on the table for viewers to take were "Fifty Sandwiches" books embedded with QR codes of the videos tucked between pages. 

"Fifty Sandwiches" Exhibition

Budget Sandwiches: Setting

"Fifty Sandwiches": Page 1

"Fifty Sandwiches": Page 2

"Banh Mi Making"

"Fifty Sandwiches": Page 3

"Waiting for the Customer"

"Fifty Sandwiches": Page 4

"Fifty Sandwiches": Page 5

Colors and Dandelions
 "Waiting for the Customer" uses developing colors and abstraction of shape to depict incessant waiting -- our emotional reaction warping our perception of time. 
The dandelion is an important motif throughout the story and my art. A fragile dandelion seed is chaotically thrown around by the wind, having no real control of its path. Yet, it holds certainty in its promise of growth. 
Booking Making
Making the books proved to be a very challenging but rewarding experience. I printed the covers and pages on a risograph printer and used the Rice University Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen to cut, bind, and staple the books. 

"Fifty Sandwiches" Books

Listen to my mom's original telling of this story on "The Moth" podcast: 
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