After a member of the Rice faculty spotted my drawings in the Rice Campanile Yearbook, I was given the opportunity to design the 2022 Rice University Holiday card! 
I had so much fun envisioning Rice's beautiful campus cast by a holiday spell while featuring Rice's "Sammy the Owl" mascot as the main character of the story. 

Rice University Holiday Card 2022 

The Process 
I remember sitting in Rice's academic quad one day, picturing the trees embellished with ornaments and ribbons, dusted with the snow floating off the back of Sammy's regal sleigh as he beamed with the glow of holiday spirit. As a result, I created the following sketch: 

Rice University Holiday Card Rough Sketch 

As I developed the sketch, I wanted to highlight the iconic red orange brick color that acts as the visual building blocks of Rice's campus. I also focused on maintaining loose and expressive marks. 
Rice videographer Brandon Martin -- who was the faculty as member who recognized my sketches from the yearbook -- briefly interviewed me about my creative process. Rice University published the following video: 
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