My pieces emphasize the distance that lies between a glimpse of another’s perspective and true understanding of that individual.
Over the course of a semester, I had curious conversations with Henry that revealed insights on his identity as a Chinese American, as a son, and as young man coming into adulthood. 
I depicted moments of our conversation through a collage of various mediums. The narratives spill out from a comics into animated audio recordings and 3d painting renderings in order to reach a greater scope of understanding.
Conversations with Henry: Comic Depictions



3d Storytelling: Acrylic Painting on a Box
This acrylic painted box is a 3d rendering of the "Parenthood" comic with each panel on a side. Although there is no text, the cube allows the viewer to see 3 panels at a time, more accurately capturing how it feels to recollect a memory. Oftentimes recalling conversation fragments lacks clear sequentiality and is instead heavily composed of clashing visceral emotions.

Parenthood by Box: Interactive Video

Conversation Audio with Visual Depictions
A richer experience of Henry's insights is found in the subtleties of his delivery: his pauses, tone inflection, and occasionally stumbling over words. 
To further develop Henry's voice, I combined our conversation audio with visual representations through illustrated animations and video footage.  

Animations: "Worry" and "My People"

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